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Adjustable and Fixed Height Portable Gantry Cranes. Lift Equipment from 1/4 to 15 Tons. 


Rolling Heavy, 8/20/15

Current Technology? 5/12/15

Got Chips? 5/1/15

Going Green? Go for Wallace  6/6/14

Our Most Popular Adjustable Cranes
Thrifty Aluminum
Aluminum Tri-Adjustable Steel Tri-Adjustable High Capacity Steel Tri-Adjustable
Thrifty Aluminum to 2 Ton
Thrifty Steel Adjustable to 7.5 Ton
Thrifty Steel Fixed Height  to 7.5 Ton
Tri-Adjustable  Aluminum to 3 Ton
Tri-Adjustable  Combo (Steel/Aluminum) to 5 Ton
Tri-Adjustable  Steel to 2 Ton
Tri-Adjustable  Steel to 5 Ton
Tri-Adjustable  Steel to 10 Ton

Crane Applications

You need more than one crane to move your world. Get the right sized Wallace crane to solve material handling, plant maintenance, and installation problems. Used in wastewater treatment, maintenance shops, material handling, and experimental physics.

Portable crane lift capacities from ¼ to 15 tons. Hundreds of cranes available in all steel, all aluminum, and combo (steel frame and aluminum I-beam) – adjustable and fixed-height models. Lift accessories available. CAD-based customization on most cranes for height, width, and span. Most cranes ship in days.

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